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RTR Deck-Repository *keeping updated*

This is *mainly* for myself to keep track of iterations of deck ideas that I have so I don’t lose various versions of them.

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Return to Ravnica Previews Day 12: Tokens Part 2

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A Liquor Never Brewed: “From The Ashes”, with Lyon Kressner

«A Liquor Never Brewed …  Dark, Spicy Decks For Semicompetitive Play»

“From The Ashes”

Sometimes dragons slumber for a while. Perhaps they are full from a great kill, or grow weary of the centuries of knowledge rattling around in their ancient heads. Their pristine senses have gone over every intricate detail of their horde one too many times. When they do, the future is not uncertain - the course of action is already determined. They will wake up. The only variance is the time, which is ultimately inconsequential to the dragon.

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More RTR first impressions, deck-lists too!

Chaz’s Corner- The Avant-gardist.

So, the spoiler is now at 113/274, and we got a good amount of stuff to play around with too.

Here’s some more decklists that have been brewin’ around in the ol’ noggin.

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RTR is amazing, now here’s some deck ideas.

Chaz’s Corner- The Avant-gardist.

So, as of right now we have 107/274 cards spoiled from Return to Ravnica. I’d have to say this standard is going to be amazing, two really good blocks together is always so much fun.

Not to mention I really love Ravnica, 1.0 was amazing, and 2.0 is shaping up to be amazing too. I think they are and always will be my favorite magic sets, INN close second and now we have both in standard at the same time. RTR will also give us cross format staples too for sure.

But for now, here’s some decklists I’ve been brewing with what we have spoiled so far.

I’m thinking control wont really shape up until the rotation meta settles, so I think Aggro/Mid-range will be the way to go for the first few weeks. Though I probably will be playing some form of Junk because I think it has so many options and I’m not riding the Bonfire of the Damned Jund train.    


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The Best of M13!

                                          LECast M13 Top 10 lists!

Here at LECest we strive to bring you what we think as veteran players to be the best of the best for each set, M13 while bringing a lot to the Standard constructed scene, falls short on some of the cards that most other players think as the “chase/staples” of the set.

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The Guild leaders for the Return to Ravnica block.


Azorius: Isperia, sphinx

 Rakdos: Rakdos, demon

Selesnya: Trostani, dryad triumvirate

Izzet: Niv-Mizzet, dragon

Golgari: Jarad, elf zombie

Dimir - Lazav, shapeshifter

Gruul - Borborygmos, cyclops

Orzhov - Obzedat, ghost council

Boros - Aurelia, angel

Simic - Zegana, merfolk

“RTR & GTC will each have 5 guild leaders, two-color mythic rare legendary creatures.Each guild will get a new keyword. No old guild keywords are comingback.” [Mark Rosewater’s twitter] [ Images from X]

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Set Name Gatecrash

Block Set 2 of 3 in the Return to Ravnica block

Number of Cards 249

Guilds Orzhov, Dimir, Gruul, Boros, Simic

Prerelease Events January 26-27, 2013

Release Date February 1, 2013

Launch Weekend February 1-3, 2013

Game Day February 23-24, 2013

Pro Tour Gatecrash Dates February 15-17. 2013

Official Three-Letter Code GTC

Twitter Hashtag #MTGGTC

Design Team

Mark Rosewater (lead) 
Mark Gottlieb 
Joe Huber 
Dave Humpherys 
Ethan Fleischer

Development Team

Dave Humpherys (lead) 
Zac Hill 
Mark Globus 
Mark Purvis 
Max McCall 
Gavin Verhey

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Article Tomorrow!

Was way too tired/busy today folks. >.>